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"The aim of my work is for clients to experience clarity and freedom in their lives."

"My journey in my therapy with Andrew proved to be one that was much more significant than I had bargained for. Through our conversations, I learned to observe both my ways of being in the world and my relationships as well as to observe the world around me...As I worked my painful issues, I began to find freedom and lightness within me. Andrew helped me tap into, develop and embrace my adventurous, less self-conscious side. Through our work, my relationships, career, and my own sense of being in the world have blossomed. Andrew taught me to live in a world of possibilities instead of one of limitations. He taught me to see beyond what?s visible to the naked eye."

- Cleveland Area Client

"Dr. Hoffman is enormously talented in an unusual sort of way - very different from the "standard" therapist...He is incredibly well trained, completing a three-year post-doctoral program in "ontological coaching." What I found provocative about his work was the way that he worked with clients as a consultant/coach...He is the only therapist to whom I referred where I would frequently receive a special call from the client, just to thank me for matching him or her with Andrew. I would then see these clients in the workplace and their improvement was extremely visible in their demeanor, appearance and approach. Dr. Hoffman is particularly helpful in several areas, among them abusive relationships, couples or individuals needing improvement in their relationships, clients from dysfunctional families or systems, and those needing relief from physical symptoms related to an actual illness exacerbated by stress. He takes a unique approach, teaching the individual a very helpful awareness of his or her language and moods, and how to turn negative self-talk and behavior into positive assessments and assertions to oneself. He is a "therapist to therapists." I have often referred him high-level professionals of various walks of life who are dramatically assisted by his work, both personally and professionally. In summary, Dr. Hoffman has been my favorite referral source over the years, and I have often touted him as the best, most effective therapist with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work over my 30 years in the field. Clients have a great appreciation for his respectful style and efficacy. I recommend him to you highly."

- Jan Nedin, MS, CEAP, CCDC, Human Resources,
Ohio Permanente Medical Group

"I remember my first session with Dr. Hoffman. I sat down in his office and instantly started crying. I felt that I had years and years of an unhappy weight resting on my shoulders. I realized that I couldn?t remember the last time that I had truly felt like a whole person or a happy person...I really hated myself. I pitied myself. I felt as if the whole world was against me. I felt as if nobody could ever understand how I felt, and I thought I was the only person in the whole world who felt like this. I had lost my inner light. I had lost my self confidence and who I was. I couldn?t make a decision for myself. I couldn?t make any change within myself...I remember Dr. Hoffman saying that the real me was underneath all the unhappiness and I just had to brush off the surface to find myself again. At first I remember thinking that that just could not be possible...But, it all started to make sense when Dr. Hoffman invited me on a journey of learning. He said that together we could learn to change. And that made sense to me. Dr. Hoffman made me feel so comfortable that I felt together we really could learn. Dr. Hoffman has a unique way of simplifying situations. I could enter his office thinking that something was absolutely impossible, that there was no way in the world that there could be a solution and I would leave Dr. Hoffman?s office with a simple plan. He has an amazing way of breaking things down, and through talking with him, I could see that his solutions were simple and possible...The most wonderful thing about meeting with Dr. Hoffman was that we would laugh throughout our entire hour together. Dr. Hoffman has such a wonderful sense of humor and had a way of making things seem so funny. Even though everything I was feeling was serious, it was so refreshing to make light of some of my problems. I began to laugh at myself and it felt really good. I began to regain my sense of humor and my self-confidence. I am excited about my life and about its changes, and I actually can't wait to see where I take myself. Meeting with Dr. Hoffman was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined how much he could help me to change. I feel wonderful. I feel as if I am growing into a mature adult, and I have so many tools to help me deal with my life."

- Cleveland Area Client

"This was my fourth time in counseling since I was 18. Each time I decide to resume the journey of self-enlightenment it is usually due to a problem or issue I experience at that time...At one point I was so afraid Andrew would say how mentally ill I was and that I wasn't fit to be practicing counseling. (Yes, I am a mental health counselor)...Instead he was kind, gentle and non-judgmental. He introduced me to the concepts of Assertions vs. Assessments. Through this construct I was able to see my belief...was an assessment not a fact (assertion)... What a great relief, I feel lighter, less burdened and now feel better about myself. I no longer have a need to punish myself. When this belief was buried it came out in self-abusive ways...I put myself down, never allowed myself to relish in my accomplishments. "I didn't deserve it."... I have found a certain calmness that I have not felt...I am in control of my behaviors which changes how I feel. I felt ruled by my emotions and thus behaved accordingly, like a zombie listening to the master. I am now the master of me...I am able to watch and observe me and now can laugh at myself and use humor, what a better way to live."

- Cleveland Area Client and Counseling Colleague